Saturday, February 9, 2008

I do actually quilt too!

First off....The finished very first pair ever. True they have a few minor boo boos but all in all, they fit, are comfortable and were really fun to do. Thank you again Yarn Harlot for your lovely basic sock recipe. It was a lifesaver.

And because I plan to use socks as a portable project. Here is the next one. The yarn is a bamboo/wool blend in a nice denim color, perfect for jeans.

But wait! I ran to AC Moore for a completely non-craft related purchase and found myself browsing through the sale bins of yarn. I swear I didn't start out in that aisle but before you know it, I had purchased all the remaining skeins of a pretty wool blend to make myself something quick. I wasn't planning on making myself anything other than socks but I just couldn't turn down pretty yarn marked down to $2.75 per skein. So last Saturday, I cast on not only the bamboo socks but this "Mistake Rib" scarf (pattern compliments of Crazy Aunt Purl) and a cable headband (as seen on the Shrinking Knitter blog). Never let it be said that I don't use my blog reading time wisely.

So I started the scarf first because I was eager to try the "mistake rib" pattern. It looks very cool and knits very fast.

Then when I saw how quickly it was eating up the precious limited amount of inexpensive yarn, I thought I better do the cable headband first so I'm sure I have enough. The joy of finding inexpensive yarn can be quickly squashed by having to go on a massive online search to supplement it later.

I made several of these headbands for Christmas gifts and they turned out beautifully. But this is pretty bulky yarn and I'm not sure it is working. I'm willing to keep working for a while and see. Stay tuned for more details.

So now I'm alternating between the scarf and the cable in anticipation of actually using these items while the weather is still cold. The socks are waiting for a while unless I have a great opportunity to take them somewhere where actual knitting can be accomplished.

So after all that knitterly talk, I'm getting to the point of my post. I am a quilter too. Yes, I am! I know you may not be able to tell that from my posts so far but it is true. Hold on to your hats! I'm about to start on a new project...never mind the 17 UFOs.... As evidence that I'm not just talking about quilting, I spent today washing up some lovely batiks in greens and purples and tomorrow I will iron them and hopefully start some sewing.

Here is the evidence that I do work with fabric in addition to yarn.

So that is my knitting and quilting update. For the purposes of my sanity I will concentrate on only the quilting project and the scarf/headband knitting. Unless a weakness overcomes me and I feel the need to cast on yet another knitting project. Let's pray I have the stength to stay away from the sale aisle!