Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Advantages of Being Sick

I lost almost a week to a nasty cold complete with cough/sneezing/sniffles/sore throat but there are a few bright sides. One I'm feeling much better now --thanks for asking. The other is that my sock is no longer in time out. One of the advantages of sitting on the couch is that a lot of knitting can happen.

When I last left you with my sock saga, I was having an "issue" with turning the heel that involved tears, a lot of frogging of knit rows and dropped stitches...it was not pretty. I was slightly uplifted by the idea that I was the victim of bad instructions. So I pulled out my trusty Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules and looked up her basic sock recipe. After all, she makes socks all the time so I was consulting the best. Well I am happy to report that her very easy-to-follow instructions had me turning the heel in no time and feeling very smug about the whole experience.

Here it is:

It actually even fits! Yes, my feet are that small and the best fit for me is to buy children's sizes. So when my husband asks me if making socks is "worth the effort", I can say YES! To have pretty socks that fit is awesome.

Look! The little sock has a friend:

And now before I'm finished with the second sock, I'm already planning the next pair.

I did promise my husband that I will make him a pair of felted clogs first. However that doesn't mean I can't cast on a sock for my portable project...felted clogs are not portable projects, the instructions are just too tedious.

Besides, why shouldn't I have just as many knitting UFO's as quilting UFO's? But that's another story for another time.

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