Saturday, December 4, 2010

#reverb10 - Day 4

Prompt: Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?
A sense of wonder...this prompt has left me perplexed all day.  I tried looking up the definition of "wonder" and "sense of wonder" for some inspiration and came away with the idea that I needed to have been reading science fiction in order to experience wonder.  I don't think that's what the author of the prompt had in mind.  
Other parts of the definition seem to focus on nature, if not science.  To me, wonder occurs when you take the time to really see and appreciate the world around you and to allow yourself to be amazed by it, struck with a sense of awe. To know that there is a higher power that has created it all is humbling.  I find that being a quilter keeps me constantly aware of the beauty and wonder around me.  A quilt block design idea appears from gazing at the tile floor in a building.  An October walk along a path flanked by trees in their fall, yellow, orange, green and brown inspires me to design fabric in my head that might possibly capture that riot of color. The commute home takes me west and I experience the wonderful colors of a setting sun and sometimes, clouds that are pierced by rays of sunlight (God's light, I think it is called).  This leads me to think of how how I would capture the feeling of a sunset in a quilt.  
The knitter in me plans to dye fiber that will mimic the colors around me.  How would I capture the impressionist mix of colors as I watch a creek flow by in the sunlight with its million shades of color and reflection?  I almost want to take a paintbrush and add the colors one by one to the yarn.  What would that look like when it is knit into something else?  Would the colors stay true or would they blend to create a new color?
I do spend a lot of time naming my fictional fabric and yarn line or creating the perfect design of my virtual quilts. The places I see inspire me to create fun names that ideally convey the story but contain a secret meaning or double-entendre   Piece on Earth, my blog name, perfectly describes the sense of delight I experience when I find the name that pops into my head and makes me say, "yes!"  I love the idea of truly achieving peace on earth and hope that I do my part to contribute to it in my little corner of the universe. My adventures in quilting and knitting involve lots of pieces of fabric and fiber so combining the two hononyms just made me smile.  I am still completely in love with the name of my blog.  
I know that quilting and knitting certainly help me in my efforts to be peaceful, kind and loving and I can't help but think if more of the world took up these crafts, maybe we would all be a bit closer to peace on earth.     
Don't lose your sense of wonder or your ability to be amazed by the world around you.  Peace on earth to all.

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